Nassau Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Nassau County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update process is currently underway. The Draft of this plan and its components are posted here for your review and comment. We thank you for your interest, and invite you visit the rest of this web page to review additional content.

2014 Plan Content

Nassau DRAFT 2014 -Cover and Table of Contents (PDF) 

1 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Introduction (PDF)

2 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Planning Process (PDF)

3 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (PDF)

4 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Capability Assessment (PDF)

5 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Mitigation Strategy (PDF)

6 Nassau DRAFT 2014 - Plan Maintenance (PDF)

Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)

Appendix D (PDF)

Appendix E (PDF)

Appendix F (PDF)

Appendix G (PDF)

Appendix H (PDF)