Inmate Assistance Program (I.A.P.)

The Nassau Inmate Assistance Program (I.A.P.) was established in 1972 in conjunction with the Unitarian Universalist Church. The goal was to demonstrate a new approach to the criminal justice system. It was intended to be an alternative to the bail system, which tends to discriminate against the poor and minority groups.

Past surveys of the inmate population of the Nassau County Correctional Center indicate that the greatest number of inmates are young, black or Hispanic. An inordinate number of inmates are in jail because they are unable to post bail while awaiting trial. A large number of these individuals have not been proven guilty of committing the crimes for which they have been incarcerated, after they are finally brought to trial.

The Nassau Inmate Assistance Program (I.A.P.) advocates for the inmates and, where possible, secures their release on bond with monies from various sources or into the custody of Nassau Inmate Assistance Program (I.A.P.). In addition to securing their release, if appropriate, the individuals are given supportive counseling and assistance in finding meaningful job opportunities.

Contact Information

For further information you may contact Nassau Inmate Assistance Program (I.A.P.) at (516) 571-5955 or (516) 571-3662.