Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

Welcome to the Nassau County Vendor Portal. The Vendor Portal is intended to be the primary online site for organizations seeking to do business with the County. The below links offer secure online vendor services including registering as a Nassau County vendor or principal, viewing open solicitations, and submitting disclosure forms and other required documents.

New Vendor and Principal Accounts

Use the appropriate link below to request a new vendor account or a new principal account. Principals include executive or board officers of an entity, and in addition any individual holding 10% or greater ownership of an entity.

Viewing Open Solicitations

Use the following link to view, download and respond to County solicitations.

Vendor Integrity Submissions and Vendor Maintenance

Use the following link to complete, certify, submit, and amend required vendor and principal disclosure forms. This link also may be used to update vendor profile information and confirm principal associations.

Public Entities

Use the following link to register with the county to view our portfolio of blanket purchases and contracts, obtain current fuel prices, or contact the Office of Purchasing:

Policies and Documents

Use the following link to view and download County procurement policies and documents