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1. What is the Living Wage Law?
2. When does the Law take effect?
3. What County contracts are covered?
4. What County leases are covered?
5. What if the County gave an economic benefit to my employer?
6. Who is NOT a Covered Employer?
7. Who is NOT a Covered Employee?
8. What Employers are covered by the Living Wage Law?
9. Is Nassau Community College a Covered Employer?
10. Who is a Covered Employee?
11. What salary am I entitled to under the Living Wage Law?
12. Are there other benefits?
13. As a Covered Employer, how do I apply for a Waiver?
14. Where can I obtain more information about applying for County financial assistance?
15. Where can I obtain more information about the Living Wage Law?
16. How can an employee file a complaint?
17. What if my employer retaliates against me or subjects me to discrimination?
18. Where can I get a copy of the law?