2018 Bids

The Nassau County Department of Public Works has recently completed the following bids. For the bid results, please click on the link.

 Contract Contract Title  Opening Date  Results 
S35123-L38GBay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Sidestream Centrate Treatment1/9/2018Bid Result
H61587-51GResurfacing Various County Roads in the Towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead & Oyster Bay PIN 0760.55 1/23/2018Bid Result
B90041-01GBuilding Demolition1/30/2018Bid Result
B90400-059HR Nassau County Hicksville Garage & 1194 Prospect Avenue HVAC Renovations2/27/2018Bid
T62175-01GVariable Message Signs - Phase I PIN 0760.403/27/2018Bid Result
T62181-01GTraffic Signal Communications-Phase II PIN 0760.413/27/2018Bid Result 
T62454-03GTraffic Signal Expansion-Phase III PIN 0759.363/27/2018Bid Result
B41482-01GNassau County Mitchel Field Rifle Range HVAC Renovations4/10/2018Bid Result
B41829-07EMitchel Park Stadium & Ball Field Lighting Upgrade5/8/2018Bid Results
H61587-58GResurfacing of Various County Roads-Phase 585/22/2018Bid Results 
H61587-51GRResurfacing of Various County Roads-Phase 515/29/2018Bid Results
S80031ARequirements Contract for the Maintenance & Repair Of Water Mains & Appurtenances6/12/2018Bid Results
S82001-05GReconstruction and De-watering of NC Drainage Facilities7/10/2018Bid Results
T62250-04MDPW Traffic Maintenance contract 8/07/2018 Bid Results
H61587-53G Resurfacing of Various Nassau Roads - Phase 53 8/07/2018 Bid Results
S35121-11GBay Park Sewage Treatment Plant
Effluent Screening & Disinfection Facility Improvements
H41865-01G Inwood Park Bulkhead Reconstruction Phase 18/28/2018Bid
S35123-L38G RBay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Sidestream Centrate Treatment9/25/2018Bid Results
B8106019GRemoval and Installation-Underground Storage Tanks-NICE BUS-TRANSDEV-GC & RVC10/2/2018Bid Results
H61587-56GResurfacing of Various Nassau County Roads-Phase 56-PIN 0760.5810/30/2018Bid
H61587-57GResurfacing of Various Nassau County Roads-Phase 5711/13/2018Bid Results
S35109-02G Austin Boulevard Force Main Construction-Capital Project 3510911/27/2018Bid
Bid Result